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What are your thoughts on Trump’s plan for a 4th of July Celebration? Do you think it’s right to politicize our Military? What do you think this celebration might say to the rest of the world?



5 thoughts on “Your First Topic

  1. It’s an ego trip, we have never (as a country) put on a ridiculous show, like what’s being planned for the 4th of July this year. I only remember communist and dictatorship countries doing this to “flex” military muscle to the rest of the world because in reality, they didn’t have that muscle. So what does this say about us now? I hate that our “president” had reduced the Oval Office to childish Twitter feuds with celebrities, athletes and talk show hosts. But this over-hyped celebration is costing serious money, and guess who is going to flip the bill for this? The hard working tax payers, all because he wants to show Kim Jun Ugly he’s just like him, it’s infuriating. No one wins in a battle of egos, the biggest losers here are the American public, I don’t care if you voted for Trump or not. Guess what, I voted for the dude, and that’s a decision I’ll regret for the rest of my life. We should not use our military as bullying “big stick” for the rest of the world, because as much as it’s a show of ego, it’s also a move that might look and sound questionable to our allies. Okay, my rant is officially over, lol.

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  2. I too think the 4th of July Parade is too extravagant, and that money could have been spent better elsewhere. I would love to see a parade more like the Macy’s Day Parade with tons of Patriotic designs. Unfortunately, with all of the hatred for President Trump, I’m sure the people in the parade would be subject to harm..

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